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Short Film

I had the privilege of working on this wonderful award-winning short film as one of the producers and assistant directors. Remember Me was written and directed by a friend of mine, Sheila Hart. A group of us like-minded women came together to create a project we believe can have a powerful impact - a film that addresses some tough challenges many young women have gone through, but are not often dealt with or talked about in a healthy way. No matter what traumas and hurts we all go through, there is always a way to heal, overcome and remember who you are.


Along with music, TV and film have been major players in discipling our global generation for many years. God created story as a beautiful vehicle for opening people up to truth and endless possibilities, and when we use it to bring life, its potential for impact is greater than we can imagine!

If a picture says a thousand words, then a story says ten thousand.

Jesus illustrated truths through parables, bringing people into a world they could relate to, from whatever understanding they were coming from to whatever depth they desired to explore.

When we tell a story through imagery, videography and music, audiences are invited into a new world to enjoy a fresh, yet familiar experience. It disarms us as we let everything else go to be drawn into the adventure at hand, falling in love with the scenery, the characters and the journey we get to be a part of for just a moment. As we are encapsulated, we are not simply being told a story, but encountering the story for ourselves. Multiple senses are engaging simultaneously, such as seeing, hearing and feeling, causing everything wrapped up in this experience to be imprinted into our minds and bodies, now to be carried within us far beyond this one moment. What a powerful way to bring transformation!

Over the recent years, many more people have been creating life-giving content through TV and film, which is amazing! At the same time, there is so much more we can create in this vein, while continuing to grow and expand in our creativity and excellence. We have the ability to frame up all of life in a godly way, to reach and connect with those who have gotten lost by the guidance of a twisted system.

Let us take back our responsibility to disciple our generation, create incredible, cutting edge content through TV and film, and re-define what popular ("pop") culture is.

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