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Meet Brittany

Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Worship Leader, Speaker

Brittany is passionate about pursuing intimacy with Yahveh (Almighty God), ministering to Him in worship, and facilitating environments where the sons of God can enter into greater realms and dimensions of who He is - in and through Yeshuva (Jesus) The Way, by the leading of Holy Spirit and in alignment with the Word of God. Her greatest desire for the body of Christ is for us to grow in unity with the Lord and with one another, that together we may become more and more like Him, releasing His essence and desires out of heaven into all of creation. 

Growing up with both parents in full time ministry, Brittany has been leading worship, training and teaching for over 20 years. Being diverse musically, she has led worship with many different cultures in a variety of contexts from Seattle to Hollywood and across the United States and other nations. She has also had the honor of leading alongside some great Kingdom forerunners such as Ian Clayton, Nancy Coen, Justin Abraham, Dr. Ogbonnaya (Dr. O), Grant and Samantha Mahoney, Marios and Danielle Ellinas and more.

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